Sunday, 3 September 2006

Nearing the End of the First Season

Now into September, the sailing days remaining for the season are few, and those we have are becoming shorter and cooler. This is when you have to appreciate the times of good weather, and spend some quality time with your boat. This sunny Sunday was such a day.

During the afternoon the boat was opened up to air out, and the big down sleeping bag was hung over the boom to have the dust beaten out of it. You can see the narrow channel I have to do a 180 turn in. It is much easier for the little 19.5' Matilda sailboat in front of me.

In this picture you can see a few of Serenity's upgrades. The split backstay has a new block and line. A solar panel charges the battery. There is a new outboard motor, new block and line on the topping lift, new dock lines and a propane barbecue. The wood has been sanded and coated in Cetol. The boat is looking pretty good.

Another item I added the jib. It has a reefing point, so I can reduce the size without changing sails, without having furling.

A tiller extension makes it easier and more comfortable to steer from various locations.

The view of the shoreline on the NW side of the harbour.

One of my favourite places to hangout on a boat is the bow. It is away from the noises and commotion of the cockpit, so it is usually just you and the sound of water passing along the hull.

By 7:30 in the evening the sun was already starting to set, so we decided to head in. Other boats were also making for the marina, so there was lots of rocking from their wakes.

Before the light totally faded, we used the camera's timer to take a shot of the both of us.

As we were about to enter the marina, the Coast Guard's FRC zipped around us.

One last shot, here are some town lights reflecting in the water.

A nice time on the water for what might be the last time for the year.