Friday, 30 November 2007

A Dry 2007

There were a few jobs I wanted to get done to Serenity before launching. In April the winter cover came off, and preparations were begun.

Then in May there was another sprinkling of snow, following by a bay full of pack ice. It was not the best weather for working outside, or going boating.

Last year, when unstepping the mast, there was a minor disaster where the main halyard winch was broken, some damage was done the the companionway slider, and the engine propeller got bent. Since the jib halyard winch did not have a handle, it served little purpose, so this was a good time to remove them from the mast, and start thinking about routing all the lines to the cockpit.

Also on the mast, the plastic slug gate needed to be replaced, so I cut a new one out of a sheet of galvanized steel. Keeping the slides running smoothly, and not falling out every time the sail was dropped, had been a nuisance problem since owning the boat. It was now June.

For the rest of the summer, free time on adequate days, was spent under the boat with a grinder on the iron keel. Once down to bare metal, it was painted in POR-15. Two coats were recommended, but it was too cold for it.

Now into November, it was time to put the tarp back on for the winter. So, for the entire summer of 2007, Serenity was on the hard at the back of my driveway.