Saturday, 27 May 2006

I Bought a Sailboat!

May 19, 2006 is the day I sent off $6600 to parties in Nova Scotia to pay for a 1997 AMF Paceship PY23. I had never seen it in person, and would not see it for more than a week later, but I had seen lots of pictures, and had a trusted person in the area look it over on May 8. A deal was struck via emails and faxes, and now it was mine.

At the previous owner's home. (Photo by R.P.)

Companionway looking below. Hatch and anchor locker on bow. (Photo by R.P.)

The Galley (Photo by R.P.)

Looking Forward. Table folds up against the bulkhead. V-berth, water tank, hanging closet. (Photo by R.P.)

A friend of a friend was going to be in Nova Scotia, and able to pick it up that weekend. It was on a trailer, and he had a good pickup for towing. He got it to Newfoundland, but it had to sit in his driveway in Corner Brook until he was able to bring it to Lewisporte. On the rainy morning of May 27, he dropped it off in my driveway, and was gone before I even got to meet him. His efforts are really appreciated, however, since I would not have been able to get the boat here otherwise.

Serenity arrives! Seeing my sailboat for the first time.

Sails and cushions. Centerboard post/table leg. Closet.

The boat was in a little bit worse shape than I was expecting. It certainly was not ready to drop into the water and use as it came. Thus began my long adventure into boat repairs.

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