Friday, 20 March 2015

Things To Do In 2015

It is that time again when I have to start planning my things-to-do list for the year. Here are a few projects...

Pre-launch jobs
  • remove all thru-hulls and install backing plates
  • Modify trailer to improve launching and recovery
  • Reseal the iron keel
  • Touch up anti-fouling

Post-launch Jobs
  • Move switch panel, add the additional switches and outlets
  • Make dual house battery system
  • Install pole for antennas and solar panel
  • Install the autopilot
  • Install a mirror
  • Improve mast slot cover
  • Add hardware for a second reefing point for the main sail
  • Add lazy jacks
  • Add downhaul for jib
  • Redo Cetol on hand rails
  • Replace missing stanchion screws
  • Add 5200 to new traveller cleats
  • Fix sliding door
  • Insulate around the ice box
  • Improve locker storage
  • Install vented loops
  • Install weatherstripping on all hatches
  • Buy a better anchor and find a way to carry it
  • Improve fuel storage area
  • Have sail cover refitted
  • New tires and bearings on the trailer
While I am still thinking about selling the boat, there are quite a few things I'd like to have done on it before passing it on to someone else. The parts for most of the projects have already been bought, so it is just a matter of installing.

There is a major complication this year, however, since I absolutely must get the new shed built, and there is only so much spare time when the weather cooperates. Pretty much the only reason I'm thinking of launching, is to get the boat out of the way of the construction. There probably won't be any time to use it before August, if not sold by then.

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