Sunday, 19 July 2015

Slot Cover Check

It was a cool and overcast Sunday afternoon, but the winds were light. That made it a great opportunity to check the modification to the mast slot gate. Other things on the boat could be done as well, like running the reefing lines.

Result? The change to the cover is a success. Raising and lowering the main sail is much smoother now. The slides still get stuck occasionally, but I'm very close to finally having this issue solved.

Once the cover has the excess metal trimmed away, and made a bit better looking, the slides catching should be eliminated. After that the attachment holes will be retapped, and two small stainless bolts will replace the brass screws.

It was an enjoyable and successful couple of hours on the water.


  1. 3 pictures in this post, but no changes in the cover since the one in the previous cover blog. I'll document the modifications when I make them.

  2. Peter - sorry - should have been clearer - there are three pictures but I can't see them - just the blank space they occupy, with a grey "no entry" sign in the middle.. :o)

    1. They should be there now. I had used the wrong links to the pictures. I could see them when logged in, but not visitors.

    2. Thanks for letting me know about the problem.

  3. I can see the pictures. I'll try a different browser when I get the chance.