Sunday, 29 June 2014

Harbour Sailing

On Saturday, June 28, there was a very light wind and a big blue sky, and the harbour was full of sailboats. Among them was Serenity, trying to make way with just a jib.

This picture was taken by a buddy, Lloyd, aboard a 12' Petrel while I was coming over to visit.

This is what Lloyd looked like when I passed him.

My friend, Byron, and his family were out in their Bayfield 23/25 for the first time ever. The light wind allowed them to raise the sails, and try sailing the boat.

I was out again on Sunday, and went a little further out the bay to see if any icebergs were visible, but the only white spot in the distance may have been a large boat. There was even less wind, so no point in raising the jib.

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