Monday, 23 June 2014

Seeing the Wind

Another pre-launch repair was the Windex. A couple weeks ago I glued and taped the tail back on the shaft. It seems sold enough, that I should get at least this season out of it.

Today I drilled and tapped a couple of holes in the top of the mast and attached the base for the Windex.

On the left in the picture you can see where the old bracket was mounted. It was just a piece of bent metal with a couple of holes in it. I had to tape the Windex to it, to make sure it stayed put and didn't swivel. The bracket now on the mast is the one which came with the wind indicator.

There was about 1/2" clearance  between the mast and the head piece, at that point, and the screws were about 1/4" past the bracket. Just enough clearance for everything. Screws are held in place with Loctite Blue.

The boat was brought down to the marina, and work was begun to prepare the mast for stepping after supper. Unfortunately, a heavy downpour of rain occurred that was not in the forecast, and it was too late to do anything by the time it stopped.

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