Sunday, 14 June 2015

Launch Delayed :-(

I really wanted to have Serenity in the water before the end of May. It would not only extend the sailing season, but get the boat out of the way of the big construction project at home. Things seldom go according to plan.

The PY23's hull has a thick and flaking buildup of antifouling paint. Also, the iron keel has mostly rejected the POR-15 applied in 2007, and has been rusting profusely for the past couple of years. I wanted to just touch up the paint for this season, and strip the hull in the autumn. Unfortunately, the local marine store did not have a matching colour of antifouling paint, so I had to buy something else.

Now the entire bottom needed to be covered, and the project time requirement increased. Rather than just waste the new paint, I decided that the stripping had to be done now, including taking the iron keel down to bare metal.

There is a job to do on the trailer too. Just need time and weather to cooperate.

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