Monday, 29 June 2015

Trailer Improvement

One of the issues with the boat trailer is the location of the winch. It is much too low, and forces Serenity's bow down when hauling out. When the trailer comes out of the water, the boat is then sitting too far back to be safe. That means rigging up something to pull the boat forward before dropping the mast and driving home.

Last year I used a couple pieces of 2x4 to make an extension. With a block on top, a line could be lead from the bow back to the cockpit. This may have helped the situation, but the truck brakes failed on the ramp, and the situation got a little messy.

So, to helpkeep the bow up where it belongs, I decided to raise an existing roller by a few inches, so that it actually touched the boat. It was just a matter of drilling some holes in some steel, and bolting it all together.

I'll paint is all later, but now I'm one job done closer to being able to launch.

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