Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Learning the Boat

Being the first summer with my first sailboat, I took it slow and easy, going out many evenings when the wind was light, to get used to how everything worked, and how the boat handled. It was also a good social time, and people often accompanied us.

Being that I was on a very tight budget, I opted for an inexpensive berth. The one I was assigned was off the main floating pier, between it and the breakwater. Turning the boat around in such a tight space was a challenge, even in light air.

The boat came with a jib from another boat, and it did not fit Serenity very well, so I had one made. Since the boat did not have furlingI also didn't want to be hanking and unhanking the jib all the time, so I also bought a deck bag for the jib. It worked out well, and looks good on the boat.

The main sail cover that came with the boat is not ideal, and a challenge to fit over the aft end of the sail. The finishing of the wood on board came out great. A bit of sanding and a couple coats of Cetol really improved the looks of the boat.

There is a split backstay, which means that some bend can be put into the mast. At this point it is only temporarily rigged.

Since there is no furling, I had reef a point put in the jib. The main looks old and baggy compared to the crisp new one.

The tiller extension was another good addition. It makes steering the boat comfortable from a variety of locations.

Many nights we enjoyed the sunset on the water, and it was dark before we headed back to the dock.

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