Tuesday, 25 July 2006

A New Sole

In an earlier blog post I talked abot how the cabin floor (sole) was weak and cracked. In another one I showed the plywood sections I laid over it. The wood was not finished at that time, because I wanted to make sure that the pieces still fit after the boat was in the water, and that I was happy with the solution.

Some fine tuning was required, and the boards made several trips to and from home, until I was satisfied. When done, the plywood worked better than I expected, so I decided to make it the permanent cabin flooring, and not just a temporary fix until I could re-core the fibreglass.

The wood was given a couple coats of epoxy to seal it against the hash environment, and then given a couple coats of Cetol to protect the epoxy from UV and make it look better.

The result was a really nice looking cabin sole, that everyone makes good comments about. It feels solid, and I still have easy access to the bilge.

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